LED Lit Signs

LED lighting for business signage

Billboards are usually seen around the city lighting up the highways and streets while giving us information on products and services and even public service announcement. With emerging technologies becoming more and more abundant nowadays, our usual signage is now more advanced than ever.

As stated by Australia’s Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure, there is already a significant increase of LED displays which have become more affordable over the years. LED lighting signage can be used for various purposes such as advertising screens, school billboards, and real estate auctions. They are now more accessible and affordable for all kinds of customers, whether a small business or a conglomerate.

You have probably heard of LED a lot of times when building a house or in interior decorating. A lot of signage companies in Australia are now shifting to LED lighting. Based on data from the Australia’s Lighting Council, switching to LED lighting can help reduce the country’s energy demand and avoidance of carbon emissions. This is not surprising given that LED is probably the best option for lighting in the market in terms of cost, efficiency, and versatility.

With this shift, LED lighting companies are now abundant in the market. One of these companies is Global Home Solutions. This company offers LED lights that have the lowest consumption at only 6 watts and can be used in varying projects. They also offer LED lights in different colours which make it a great material for LED signage. Moreover, their led lighting can last to at least 40,000 hours.

Here are some more reasons for using LED lighting for signage:

  • LED lights are energy-efficient

LED lighting is the most energy-efficient among lighting options such as CFLs. This is because a LED light transmits all of the energy it uses to light which gives it a high efficiency. LED lighting also turns on immediately to full brightness. With this feature, you do not need to wait for it to warm up, as in the case of incandescent bulbs, to achieve full light. With this efficiency, you will no longer have to buy more expensive lighting options as this affordable and low energy lighting can already do the job. LED also gives signage makers freedom to create varying designs to suit their client’s taste and needs.

  • LED lights are safe for the Earth

One important factor for choosing LED lights is that it is safe for the environment. LED light does not emit UV rays which pose health risks. LED lights also do not have mercury, which is usually found in conventional bulbs.

  • LED lighting aids in navigation

LED lighting is quite helpful in navigation especially in night time as LED gives off more light and can break through even when there is a glare condition. LED lights also focus light in a single direction which helps motorists see better. They also enhance the safety of navigation. LED lights save you money and energy as they can replace halogen lamps which require more energy and are usually expensive.

To ensure the safety of LED displays and signage, make sure that the supplier of your LED lights is compliant with Australian standards and regulations by checking if the company is registered on the Australian Government National Equipment Registration System.

On the other hand, signage can also have the potential to distract drivers which are why electric led signage should be controlled to prevent accidents on Australian roads.

Per regulations, the lighting of this signage should not exceed those of static signs in typical ambient light conditions. It is, therefore, important for a LED signage to have built-in ambient light measurement tools so it can adjust to the surroundings. This signage should also have an automatic error detection system which will shut down the signage until it is repaired.

Finally, aside from LED lighting safety, another consideration is the location of the LED signage. It is important that the LED display should not be placed in an area here there is a high risk or history of crashes.